Zents are Zelicious

I am well aware that candles are the 21st century's "old cat lady", but I don't care..I think they smell fabulous, and no one likes a stinky apartment. I came across the Zents line of candles, bath things, and scents in Sulphur Springs TX of all places, so I was pleasantly surprised to go to their website and discover they are sold all over (even in NYC yay). I am now and addict and everyone I know will be getting them as presents. Haha JK. The scents are fresh, clean, and modern which I love, and the packaging is classy and minimal. I am so over those status candles with huge lables ie- Diptyque ($75 ya right), Tocca (the worst burning candle I have ever bought--black soot everywhere), Henri Bendel etc. I got the Water candle which smells just like Bali, and I love the Fig body spray as well. Loves it!


Le Bilboquet

I can easily say Le Bilboquet is my 'go-to' restaurant in NYC. Out of town guests--take them to Bilbo...Thurs night drinks and appz--go to Bilbo...you get the picture. This tiny haunt is on the corner of 63rd and Madison (yes, my nose starts to bleed when I go that far uptown, but it is so worth it), no bigger than your parent's living room, with no sign and only a green awning. It is usually crowded, so grab a drink across the street at Post House, and the maitre d' will come get you when your table is ready. Inside is a totally euro scene with ever changing art, delicious food, and a joie le vivre air. It gets totally wild at night and at brunch complete with dancing in your seat, great music, a 'light show' by my favorite waiter Derek, and more pinot than you can imagine. I swear by the Cajun chicken and absolutely love the smoked salmon with guacamole. I have always had the best time and loved my food even if they are a little slow filling the water glasses (who cares anyways....we are drinking vino!) Some of my craziest nights in NYC have began at Bilbo.

Le Bilboquet (63rd btwn Madison and Park)

NY Post Made My Morning

This is hard news in NYC. Read the FRONT PAGE article in today's NY Post:

Story Bottom

November 29, 2006 -- THEY have already been dubbed "The Brit Pack": three girls, increasingly famous for making spectacularly bad choices, marshaling their collective brain power to navigate the booths and banquettes at Hyde or Spider Club or wherever it is they're drinking it off on any given night.

Paris Hilton, her frenemy Lindsay Lohan, and newly separated Britney Spears: three party girls without a care (babies? what babies?), a high tolerance for alcohol, or a good publicist.

In the past week, Spears - who has a 1-year-old and 2-month-old at home - has spent every single night partying with Hilton (and, occasionally, Lohan). A quick study, Spears - long absent from the scene, what with being married and pregnant and all - has already picked up such "It" girl tricks as how to make sure your picture winds up everywhere. Such as, don't wear underwear and flash your crotch while pretending you hate the paparazzi and tearfully beg for them to leave you alone.

After dumping Kevin Federline, Spears seemed like she was on the upswing: She cut her hair. She looked like she was bathing regularly. She celebrated her separation with some wholesome ice-skating at Rockefeller Center and even more wholesome shopping - for chunky sweaters and beanie caps! - at the Gap. She started recording her comeback album, working late nights at the Sony studios in Manhattan.

Then she took off for a Vegas weekend, where she reconnected with old friend Hilton, and then Lindsay Lohan started angling to get in on this power clique, which she eventually did, and now all is well and the trio go clubbing every night, smoking and drinking and having dance-offs. Surely they talk to each other too, but trying to guess what their conversations sound like is enough to make anyone's head explode.

Anyway: With full knowledge that the unholy alliance of these three may be over and done with by the end of business day today, we present a tale of the tape illuminating just what these three probably have in common. And regardless of how long these friendships last: Skanks for the memories!

Pimpin the 2 Train

I hopped on the 2 train this morning to go to work, and I could not believe the sight that entered my car at 34th street. This woman was wearing a genuine pimp hat from a Halloween costume (the pic is exactly how it looked). I am not even going to go into this woman's ethnicity because regardless of race this was not appropriate for any human to be wearing at 7:15 in the morning. The pimp hat was coupled with a houndstooth blazer and red fuzzy house shoes, which made the homeless man with the bag of cans sitting next to her look quite debonair and polished. She spent the next 50 or so odd blocks being the true pimptress she was meant to be. As she sat she A) painted her nails metallic purple which made everyone on the train ill from the stench, and B) decided to outline her lips in black liquid eye liner before applying gloss. SEXY. Don't hate the playas (or the pimptresses), hate the game.

Only in New York kids, only in New York.

Zoe = No

What's up Skeletor? This is what happens when you have 3 pieces of asparagus for dinner each night and pass on the botox. She looks like a raisin. Supposedly she is only 35. Heinous. Thank god Nicole Richie is kicking her to the curb. Now, when will Mischa and the rest of the brat pack come to their senses. Sternums are not sexy ladies.

James Bond - Casino Royale

I am a huge James Bond fan, so I while I was very excited about Casino Royale, I didn't know what to expect from Daniel Craig (the new James). I spent my youth watching Bond movies hoping to become a hot, sexy spy...maybe that's why I can't get enough of the SexyBack video. Well, I was not disappointed in any way. Daniel Craig is definitely the opposite of pansy Pierce Brosnan and more rugged than the original Bonds. Basically, he is more rough around the edges than previous Bonds, but he cleans up quite well. The story puts Bond in a high stakes poker game to take money away from his nemesis who plans on funding terrorism with the winnings. A bit out there, but nothing out of line by Bond standards. The one thing I really appreciated was that his lady was not some ridiculous nuclear physicist (a la Denise Richards...ya right), but was an accountant (very plausible). And, I loved the Austin Powers 2 twist at the end. This is a must see for Bond lovers, if your true calling is to live a life of danger and glam factor, or if you just want to see one hot English man in a little Euro swimsuit. HOT.

Check out the trailer. YUM.

Viva la Mexican Food

Things I love about Mexico: beaches, beer, and food. My favorite part about coming to Texas is the Mexican food, and last night I had some of the absolute best. I went to Desperados on Greenville between Mockingbird and Lovers Lane. Let me tell you I am quite the connoisseur, and I loved it: delish and yet such a bargain compared to NYC prices (Jesus, my dinner was only $9). If you are in Dallas definitely put this on your list of restaurants to visit. It's not glitzy or glamorous but it is the best.



So, I have been in Texas with my family for the past few days. Talk about culture shock going from Manhattan to my grandparent's house in Sulphur Springs. I have decided to compose a list of the most 'Texas' things I have done/witnessed over the Thanksgiving break.
  • The water tastes like mud
  • I am going to die if I hear one more person talk about the drought
  • My 15 year old cousin running around in camo and carrying a shotgun
  • Wal-Mart (enough said)
  • I ate at a restaurant that had 'shell-your own peanuts' as an appetizer
  • Pick up trucks with 4 wheels in the back (seriously)
Now, I am the first one to reprimand people for abusing stereotypes about Texans, but I feel I can personally get away with knocking them since I was actually born here and lived in Texas for 21 years. I am, however, really looking forward to going to Chuy's (one of my fav Austin places with a Dallas location) and having delicious Mexican food for dinner tonight. That is one thing NYC can't hold a candle to Texas on. I love queso!

Mail That's Not Bills

With the advent of the internet I have found that 99% of my mail is one of three things: 1) bills (EW) 2) magazines (ok, very fun) 3) current resident (news flash--I don't need an oil change since I don't have a car). I was shopping around in Soho last weekend and I found a little vendor on Prince and W. Broadway that was selling the cutest, and might I say classy/trendy as well, note cards and thank you cards. I had to get the ones with the coral. Now, we all know that gift-giving and party season is quickly approaching. Be sure to bypass the lamo Hallmark and Target cards and go straight for something unique. Kenny Gee stationary is definitely my top pick. Love it!

Kenny Gee Home

Madonna Gives Me Goosebumps

I just got done watching the Madonna concert on NBC, and I can easily say I still get goosebumps when I hear the songs from Confessions of a Dancefloor. This was one of those CDs that spoke directly to me and came at such a crossroads in my life. I saw the concert (or as I like to call it: 1 hour and 45 minutes of pure genius) twice at Madison Square Garden, and not only was it worth every penny, but it was the most entertaining show I have been to. She is THE show; no opening act, no encore. And I'm not gonna lie, she has the best damn body I have ever seen. The concert on TV was super edited, but definitely did it justice coming from someone who was actually experienced it. I will go to every Madonna concert regardless of cost for the rest of my life: It was THAT good.

Macys = Waaaa Waaaaa

On the Eve of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade I just want to inform you all non-New Yorkers that Macy’s Herald Square is a total dump. It is a complete joke of a department store among Manhattanies. I would compare it to K-Mart (you know, trapped between Wal-Mart cheap and Target trendy) but in this case it is trapped between K-Mart (yes, there are K-Marts in Manhattan) and Barneys/Bergdorfs/etc. Even Bloomingdales is a huge step up from Macys. On any given day you can be sure to find 85% tourists, 12% the most ghetto people you can possibly imagine, and 3% those of us who live here and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible without making eye contact with anyone. God forbid anyone actually see me leave there with the “Way to Shop” Macys bag.

Why Wai?

Wai Cafe has the cheapest healthy eats on 6th ave. coupled with some questionable service. Most entrees are under $12 (sandwiches are about $7), and the house carrot ginger salad dressing is like liquid crack. I really can’t get enough of it. I got the veggie burger on a pita with brown rice which was quite delish. Of course I covered the burger in the carrot ginger dressing. YUM. Our food came out fairly quickly but, looking back we were one of 3 occupied tables. It did, however, take a good 20 minutes to get the check. Really liked the food, but I would probably just have it delivered next time.

Wai Cafe (6th Ave btwn 16th and 17th)


I love Perez and everything, but how many times can I see pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s un-pantied crotch? My new favorite site is Gawker. It may be a little irrelevant to the non-New Yorker, but I absolutely love the wit and sarcasm. It is basically written by the people who love the phrase, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.” It’s definitely my newest guilty pleasure: pure intelligentsia coupled with catty gossip and a touch of NYC asshole.


I love Scarlett Johansson

The girl has sex and isn't ashamed about it (even after the Isaac Mizrahi debacle)...and she shouldn't be. Read about how she took a crack at the Presie and his uber conservative view that if you tell teenagers to abstain from having sex, they won't have it. That's realistic. (please, sense my sarcasm)

Read it.

So Wicked

Favorite nail polish in the world: Essie Wicked. It's not as harsh as the oh-so-trendy black and looks like a dark burgundy when you have it on your perfectly manicured nails. So, you can get away with wearing it to the office, but it has a nice touch of edge to it. I am so completely over safe Park Avenue Pink nails. Remember though, keep your nails short or you risk looking like you are from Queens, or even worse...Long Island.

The Birkin Off

This is so New York. My friend Sara was walking down 5th Ave being completely fabulous with her beautiful Birkin. For those of you who don't know what a Birkin is I pity you. It is the IT bag to end all IT bags. There is a waiting list just to get one; not to mention that they cost about $8k. So, in theory you could buy 7 Fendi Spy bags for the cost of a Birkin. Anyways, so Sara is strutting down 5th Ave with her Birkin and this other woman with her own respective Birkin bumps into her. The battle ensues...who is going to be Queen of the Birkins. The old UES bag says "excuse you!" to Sara, to which she replies back "no, excuse you!" to which UES responds "NO, Excuse You!", to which Sara says "NO, Excuse You". The war continues...UES, goes "NO EXCUSE YOU!", and Sara, not to be upstaged by anyone, goes "NO EXCUSE YOU AND YOUR FAKE NOSE!" Yes, she went there...then she scurried off down 5th Ave. No one rains on Sara's Birkin parade.

Only in New York kids, only in New York.

Page Six Sucks

Page Six use to be my morning routing go-to for my unhealthy gossip fix, especially before I moved to NYC. Have any of you read Page Six lately? Seriously, this is the most uninteresting and watered down gossip fodder I can imagine reading. SHOCKING: Lindsay Lohan likes to party. I can only compare it to Perez Hilton for 60 year olds. Don't waste your time. This is a mere shadow of what it was a year ago.

At least I can read it online for free.

Sorry to Ruin Everyone's Saturday

As I sit in the scapeNY office (Starbucks at 24th and 6th), I noticed a handy little nutritional facts brochure. I can guarantee you have no idea what you are getting yourself into when you order that venti Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino at a whopping 620 calories before whipped cream. Sick. Yes, I know no one really orders that so here are the more conventional beverages all in grande size and sans whipped cream:
  • Mocha Frappuccino - 290 (light is 180 but tastes like garbage)
  • Iced Cafe Mocha - 220 calories
  • Flavored Latte - 320 calories
  • Iced Carmel Macchiato - 270 calories
You have at least 20 extra minutes on the treadmill to cancel that mess out. My fav, the iced coffee with 2 Splendas, has only 15 calories :-).

See for yourself

Tony's Bday at Aspen

It's hard being fabulous on a Wednesday night, but Tony's birthday party at Aspen was great. I had to give the new holiday party outfit a test run too (very good feedback and the gays know their dresses and shoes). You can never have too many beautiful gay men or cocktails. Wonderful time. PS - I loved the campfire...if only there had been s'mores.

Check out the pics
Check out the bar

One more barkeep!

Now this is what I call news. I will go straight to ordering bottles of red wine at dinner instead of by the glass. I promise it is for health reasons.

Study: Fat, boozing mice stay healthy

NeoStrata = Skin Savior

A friend of mine tipped me onto NeoStrata Lotion Plus and I can easily say that my skin has never looked better. It was recommended by his Derm (Dr. Colbert), so I thought I would give it a whirl and for $25 bucks who really cares. I love this product. Yes, it does burn a little when you put it on because of the glycolic acid, but no more than if you were to rub Lip Fusion all over your face (and hey, that means it's working in my book). My friend actually describes his skin as translucent, and I have to say that mine is on its way there. Fine lines, dullness, roughness be gone! Luminescence is just a click away!

Get it here.

For the Hair Down There...

Ladies, you must make sure the curtains match the carpet. We know you all aren't true brunettes, red heads, or blondes (especially you Texas girls and the blonde obsession). I have not personally tried this, but I can't resist passing the word along. Seriously, we have all seen the Sex and the City when Samantha finds the gray one and tries to remedy it with a disastrous outcome. Crotches that look like a red Bozo the Clown wig are not hot. I'll stick with my trip to Brazil every other month.

Check it out Betty Beauty

Looks like they fell out of the tree.

Confirmed by one of Jason Preston's besties---He and Marc are not together. Why am I not surprised at all? I was a witness to the meltdown at Marc's after party at Fashion Week. Marc walked around by himself all night while Jason peaced out and went to Double 7s. I actually ran into Marc at the Mercer when he was going to bed (by himself). All is not the Cinderella story it seems to be. People, this is why we don't get tattoos of our signifacant other's name.

The Strangest Thing I Have Seen....

I am going to describe this best as possible. This was straight out of a movie and easily the most bizzare thing I have seen since I have moved to NYC. I was riding the Metro-North back from my job last night (yes, totally fab people like myself do have to work), and we were going through Harlem close to the 125th St. stop (you know, before it goes underground). I was randomly looking out the window not expecting to see anything unusual.....then I saw something VERY unusual. About 100 yards away I saw a guy hanging from a 3rd floor window sill. Not like 'suicide hanging', but like 'I was sticking it to my best friend's wife and he came home' hanging, or 'I lost a bet and a huge guy with a gun came to collect on it' hanging. Seriously. It even looked like he was moving his feet to try to find a ledge or something to stand on. I would have immediately gotten off the train to get the full scoop and scope this guy out, but then I remembered that I was in Harlem. There is no way I am getting off the train in that neighborhood: man hanging from window sill or not. I will be scouring the papers the next few days looking for clues to my mystery man.

Only in New York kids, only in New York.

Jason + Marc Sitting in a Tree

So glad he is setting the record straight. My lovely friend Jason Preston is on Perez Hilton today. Now all he has to do is get rid of the potty mouth Plastic. We need to go to Bungalow again stat...Love you babe!

All is right with the world again!!!

Despite a false report today in the NY Daily News that they had broken up, style savior Marc Jacobs and his own private Idaho, Jason Preston, are still very much together.

Marc's man came to PerezHilton.com to set the record straight right.

He tells us, "Marc and I are still together & very happy. I was at the Out 100 party (over the weekend) with friends and Marc was not in town because he was in Paris working. He is now here in NYC and we are out & about putting all those rumours to rest. Much love!!! Keep up the hottest website. Love ya bitch!!"

And there you have it!!

We can go back to enjoying Jason's naked pictures now.

I knew this was coming....

My dear Borat is laughing his way to the bank. If the movie was a flop then no one would be suing him or even care that he taped a rubber fist on a real guy who was missing an arm for that matter. The racist, misogynistic frat boys are suing him too.

Read about the real town in Kazakhastan

Bar Pitti

I finally went to Bar Pitti in the West Village last night for dinner with a friend from out of town. Food was great, the prices were super cheap, and I felt Iike I was at a cafe in Italy (minus the cigarette smoke, minibikes, and amorous Italians). I ordered the Rigattoni Pitti, and at $11 it was just enough food to where you don't have to be rolled out of the restaurant -- ala American chain restaurant style-- and are completely up for ordering a little dessert or having that extra glass of vino. I chose the vino obviously. I could have used a little less attitude from the waitstaff, but you know, whatev. Highly recommended for cheap eats/laid-back yet trendy spot/Euro vibe.

Bar Pitti: 6th Ave btwn Bleecker and Houston


Let me be the first to say THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!! My girls from Texas will be in town this weekend and it should be a wild one. Yee Haw!

Lindsay Lohan getting a little Cunty

Looks like our favorite little Plastic is getting a little cunty herself. Catch her on tape as she calls Paris Hilton a cunt. Someone needs to wash her mouth out with soap.


I can easily say that I have never been to a movie that was completely sold out on a Wednesday night.....until I saw Borat. The audience was completely rilled up like it was a Saturday night instead of a rainy Wednesday, and all for good reason. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. No one is spared from Borat: Jews, Christians, blacks, gays, women, fat people, frat boys, Americans, Kazachistanis, but he can totally get away with it because you fall in love with his ignorance. It is filmed as a documentary so I assume these are real, candid answers from the people he interviews. He discovers America from NYC to LA in his quest to find his true love: Pamela Anderson and along the way exposes every type of American stereotype: the asshole New Yorkers, black gangsters from Atlanta, gay bashing war loving yokels, crazy evangelical Christians, a nice Jewish couple, and typical frat boys. I almost peed in my pants during the NOT joke. Go see Borat, but get your tickets in advance because it will likely be sold out.

Borat the Movie: check it

Everyone Loves a Comeback

Britney and Kevin are done...shocking I know. How ironic that she showed up on Letterman for a surprise appearance on Tuesday night. Am I the only one who sees how these people's lives are formulated by their Public Relations agent? There is one thing for certain though....This is Mama Spear's chance to transform herself from trailer park reject to milf. Americans loves to see celebrities flounder, but they love to see them rise out of the flames like a newborn Phoenix even more. Madonna is the queen of reinvention and Brit has been taught by the best. She will soon join the ranks of Mariah and Whitney (minus the mental institution and tina smoking).

Bad PR Move, Faith Hill

This is the award show moment we have been waiting years for. Watch Faith Hill make a complete ass of herself at last night's CMAs.


I just finished reading Naked from one of my all-time favorite authors, David Sedaris. This is the third book of his I have read, preceded by Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Me Talk Pretty One Day. Each book is a group on short stories of David's life from childhood through adulthood. The stories are roughly in chronological order which makes you feel like you are having a cup of coffee with him and throughout the conversation he sprinkles in anecdotes depending on the conversation. I really feel like I personally know him, and he is one of my gay best friends. This book is hilarious. They all are for that matter. For the past week I have been "that girl" on the train that in attempting to stifle her laughter, has appeared completely insane. But insane in a good way.

Here is just a smattering of topics covered:
  • Trying not to not be 'outed' as a child at Greek summer camp
  • Visiting a nudist camp for a week long vacation
  • His scotch-loving, smoker mother dying of lung cancer
  • Hitchhiking across the country out of adventure and sheer spite towards his parents
  • His run-in with a closeted gay named Curly who had quite a collection of fake penises
There are few things I love more in this world than wit, sarcasm, and hilarity....and I get all three in this book. If you love intelligent humor, hilarious stories, love your gays, and want to feel silly for laughing out loud then BUY THIS BOOK!


Reading stories like this makes me...
A) Thank God that I live in NYC
B) Realize how disconnected I am with middle America
C) Disgusted that in 2007 someone would consider being gay as a "lifelong sexual problem".

Dude, you are attracted to guys....get over it.

Read the article

Perry St.

I went to Perry St. with friends on Friday night for dinner and drinks. This is definitely some of the best food I have had in NYC. The atmosphere is decidedly upscale in the very cool Richard Meier building, but we created our own casualness in jeans and sneaks. We didn't want to wait for a table so we sat in the bar/lounge area and ordered right the dinner menu. I thing the ginger Margarita was awesome, and my friends had far too many vodka thyme lemonades which provided for an interesting evening. We ordered a slew of appetizers and entrees to share, as well as 2 desserts. It was like our own mini tasting. I highly recommend the tuna coated in rice crackers and the goat cheese cheesecake for dessert. Loved it.

Check it out

Perry St. (Perry / West Side Hwy.) - West Village

NYC Marathon 2006

I have made it an annual event to go watch the New York City Marathon the past two years. I find it one of the most inspiring events I witness the entire year. It's not just barefoot Kenyans running, but fat people, skinny people, young people, old people, people in wheelchairs, blind people with guides, etc. who have trained for months to be able to even compete. It is truly a great thing to watch because most people's goal is just to finish the thing. And I am not going to lie...we do laugh at the guy with the bloody nipples or the lady with snot on her face. I applied to run this year, but they cap registration at 35,000, and I did not get chosen in the lottery. There is always next year. It was super cool to get to see Lance Armstrong running this year too. He totally had a posse of 7 people around him and instead having a number, his just said LANCE. Enough said...the man is an athletic bad ass.

Such an Inspiration.

Marie Antoinette

I finally saw Marie Antoinette last night after much anticipation and a flurry of reading "The Journey" in order to study-up and be a more informed movie-goer. I went with the only person who I knew would appreciate the movie as much as I would: He even dressed as an 18th century courtier with pouf and all for Halloween (and also was the creator of the Marie Antoinette pumpkin). In sheer Sofia Coppola style, there is little dialogue and most communication is achieved with subtle glances. This movie is a complete spectacle when it comes to the lavish costumes, wild parties, and all around debauchery. At times I was thinking "hmmmm...this is really not too far off from some nights I have had sans corset and powdered hair." The movie follows the royal couple from marriage through leaving Versailles, ultimately going to Paris and their deaths (which is not shown). I think I would have been a little lost had I not read the biography, and I felt the movie left out so much as I am fascinated by the story. Regardless, I really enjoyed the movie, and the fact that we all know how her life ends makes it all the more poignant.

Useless factoid of the day: Marie Antoinette was made Queen of France (La Reine) at age 19.

Armani Event

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is looking in the mail box and seeing that distinctly large envelope, always on nice, heavy stock paper, with your name and address laser jetted on the front. This can mean only one thing....the invitation. This obviously means the one most important thing: free booze. Regardless if it is a trunk show, makeup event, Fashion Week party, etc the drinks and the goodies are always the draw.

Last night I went to an Armani Cosmetics event at Barneys. As soon as I stepped in the Penthouse on the 8th floor I was handed a glass of Veuve (this supposedly loosens the wallets of stingy chicks like myself). Delicious looking desserts were carried on trays, but in true NYC fashion, no one touched them. After yapping with some of my comrades for a while (and a few glasses of champers later) I sat down to my 'Holiday Look' make over. Considering the booze I drank and the highly over-priced makeup I bought it about equaled out. What can I say....I love having champagne and having someone do my make up on a Wedesnday night.

Only in New York kids.

Shocking I know!! Kate Bosworth at the grocery store. The girl eats.....or does she. Little do we know that those bags are stuffed with bottled water, Diet Coke, toilet paper, celery (which takes more calories to consume than it actually provides), and paper towels. All of which have a nutritional value of zero.

Forget Spice Market....Just Go To Spice

I am obsessed with Asian noodles after my Bali trip last spring, so every once in a while I get a craving I just can't shake. I went to Spice on 20th and 8th Ave Sunday night when it was moderately chilly and horribly windy. I needed a little Asian flavor to warm me up. This is easily the best noodle place I have been to in NYC (Republic and Momofuku were really waaaaawaaaaaaaaaa). It's super cheap. I split an appetizer and had an had the Drunk Man Noodles for about $14 with tip, AND I had leftovers for the next day. Great deal, yummy food, very "Design Within Reach" decor. What more can I ask for?

Check it out
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