Beyonce Gets the Short Stick...Gaga Wins

In the battle to keep up with Gaga, Beyonce has made herself the first sacrificial lamb to collaborate with her. Funny how they were on each other's songs at exactly the same time. Ah, all the more easy to compare the two. Sorry B., but your song, Video Phone, blows compared to Gaga's Telephone. I watched the Video Phone video once and was counting the seconds until it would end (being Beyonce and all, I did give her the respect to watch the entire thing). I think Gaga comes out on top....and her video isn't even out yet. What do you think?


Missed Connection

L Train - Union Square to Graham...Stunning - w4m - 26

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Date: 2008-09-28, 12:17PM EDT

I spotted you at the Union Square L stop from down the platform. You have stunning gray/blue eyes I could see from the distance. We boarded the train in our respective cars, but to my surprise you switched to my car at the 3rd ave stop. You were wearing a blue flannel jacket and green t-shirt underneath. After a game of eye-tag that felt like it came straight out of a movie, I stood up before the Graham stop with the hope you would follow....and you did. I walked up the stairs right next to you. I stopped at the top of the stairs to get my directional bearings and you kept walking. As I crossed the street I looked back at you, and I think you were looking back too.

I know this is a complete shot in the dark, but I would love to see you again.

The good ones always get away.

Help! I'm Romantically Involved With My Vespa

Well, isn't this a romantic sight on Thompson Street at 9am on a Thursday morning. Someone hearts their Vespa....or the person riding it.

You Know You're Thin When #1

You know you're ridiculously thin when.....the ankle strap of your stilettos look like bangle bracelets on anorexic wrists. Watch out for flying shoes and twisted ankles!

Gorgeous Blamain Spring '09 number, though. Bravo!

2009 Met Costume Institute Gala--The Worst of the Worst

I hate to be a nasty shrew (oh wait, no i don't), but Louis Vuitton dressed the worst of the worst at last night's Met Costume Institute Gala. The scary thing is that no one leaves the house thinking they look awful, so I also have to fault these mal-dressed mix-ups and their handlers who played a game of "The Emperor's New Clothes". I would advise these ladies to never be nasty to their assistant, PR rep, or stylist ever again....this is what awaits you--the fast track to the worst dressed list. Thankfully for their careers, normal humans aren't scouring the slideshow on (all 146 pictures of it). Just another instance of the runway to reality disparity....even if you are on a red carpet.

Check out all the pics here.

Talk About Men at Work

One of these things is not like the other....Hmmm, I see construction equipment, traffic cones, parking meter, scaffolding, mannequin head----MANNEQUIN HEAD???!!! Just another wonderful Saturday stroll in my NYC neighborhood. I guess they didn't want the machinery to get lonely over the weekend. That, or they have some freaky Weird Science fantasy. Our tax dollars at work, my friends.
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