Dump your old electronics at Union Square tomorrow!

Do you have a printer that just wont print...a phone that just wont phone....or speakers that just wont speak...a computer that takes you back to your elementary Oregon Trail days?

Take them all to Union Square Sunday, Jan 6th from 10am to 4pm to recycle these little jewels of hazardous waste. Clutter in your home means clutter in your life. Make 2008 clutter free. The principles of Feng Shui say that dead things in your home lead to bad energy, so git rid of the stuff that doesn't work and help out the environment a little too.

Event sponsored by the Lower East Side Ecology Center. For more info click here.

Todd Joyce on home page of Break.com

Watch Todd get the crap scared out of him by The King on Break.com....it is even more funny if you know him and have experienced his girlish screams first hand. I love it!

The King Strikes at Break!!! - Watch more free videos
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