Umbrella Taco Graveyard

Not only were there human casualties from the hurricane-like rains two weeks ago, but there is also a mass grave of taco'd umbrellas on Prince and Mulberry.  Poor little things didn't stand a chance against those winds.

Photo by Babs K.

Google a Gyno?

Looks like Google has become the new gynecologist.  Just type "is it normal" to see the most frequently asked questions.

Lynch Mob Scarecrow

Creepiest scarecrow in all of Manhattan.  Looks like he was the victim of a lynch mob.

Village Paper No More

Where the hell am I supposed to get my fart bombs now?

Photo by Babs K.

Pricey Puppy

How does it feel to be on sale at Le Petit Pup for $800? 

You've Got Mail

My version of "The Shop Around the Corner" has be reincarnated on Bleeker between 6th and 7th.  I can't imagine it will be the same.  Will probably be replaced by yet another Marc Jacobs store.  Waaaa Waaaa.

Midwesterners Busted at the Pleasure Chest

I can't imagine what this group of Midwesterners is doing at 10:30am at The Pleasure Chest. Must be a stop on the Sex and the City tour.  I am sure the staff loves that.

Breakfast at La Bonbonniere

La Bonbonniere is vintage NYC West Village

There they are!  Just waiting to be enjoyed.

 Sweet, syrupy deliciousness.
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