I Love NY Mag's Reasons to Love New York

I just love how I always end up reading New York Magazine's "Reasons to Love New York" issue while I am in Texas for the Holidays. Reading this every year (or the past three Holidays I have been a resident of NYC) makes me pine for the smelly streets, the crowded sidewalks, and the guy with the gangrenous foot at the downtown 76th street 6 train stop (I swear that thing is a fake foot to get money...it has looked the same for the past year and a half, no lie). Besides the great little snippets on why real writers love NY, my favs are the ones submitted online by readers. Below are the standouts of 2008, mainly because I could have written them about myself.

No. 2- "Because it loves me! I was born and raised in Texas and moved to New York City when I was 25--twelve years ago. In Texas, I was thought to be difficult, hardheaded, controlling, opinionated, bitchy, etc. when I moved here, all of a sudden I was considered sweet, polite, kind, intelligent, etc. I know I didn't change--I was just free from the South's idea of how a woman should behave." by Angela Landon

No. 33- "Because every time you visit another U.S. city, you instantly realize how attractive and sophisticated you really are. It is so easy to get laid as a New Yorker out of town. Easier than Brooklyn, even." by Brawndo

No. 54- "Because when people find out I am single, they don't look at me in a way that is the perfect combination of horror and pity." by Carla Stockton

Finally, I have to give props to my all time favorite from 2007...that we have single-handedly turned Starbucks into our own network of public restrooms.

For all the other amazing reasons to love NYC click here.
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