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Calvin Klein is Shit

There was definitely a pungent aroma wafting from the corner of 60th and Madison last night. Is Calvin Klein trying to tell us something about the design of the house's bags and shoes? I recommend the visual designer is fired on the spot for such a "shitty" window display. When I think of things people shit on, I definitely think of Calvin Klein.

Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Hyde

Am I the only one who misses the old, nerdy Marc Jacobs? I take class and sophistication over tans and tatoos any day.

Tubism: Cars = Utter Ridiculousness

I am a huge supporter of the arts and personal expression, but this is just ridiculous. While spending a glorious Sunday doing what I love best: strolling and observing the wild ride that is NYC, I happened upon two cars parked in Union Square with giant white tubing entwined in and around the vehicles. Of course, I had to take a picture. A fellow observer had a card that explained the "happening".

What If?
Tubisms: Cars - A Surreal Street Spectacle by Kathryne Hall (complete with NYC summer tour dates and other info)

Um, what if what? What if the Home Depot on 23rd street transformed itself into a Godzilla-like creature and reeked havoc on NYC autos, engulfing them in a knot of air conditioner duct tubing? What if NYC decided to use tubing as the new "boot" to embarrass parking ticket delinquents? I could go on, really. Also, I find it hard to describe a "surreal street spectacle" as something that people point and laugh at. Possibly a spectacle, yes, but I think this claim is a little over the top. I also don't think this would be considered 'surreal' by any art critic's discerning eye: think of Dali, Man Ray, Miro and their peers....tubes and cars are not quite fitting in this genre.

There will be an NYC summer tour of this traveling outdoor installation, so have fave fun! And please, by all means check the website for tour dates, updates and exact locations.

What If? Tubism: Cars by Kathryn Hall

Diablo Royale

Diablo Royale has officially dethroned my beloved El Rio Grande as my favorite Mexican restaurant in NYC. It's loud, it's rowdy, it has delicious guacamole, and sinful margaritas. Great Mexican food and a hellish environment complete with open windows in nice weather. I will definitely be frequenting this place. Get the appetizer chicken quesadillas to soak up some of that margarita along with guac and chips. I hear they have a margarita mixed with beer too...that is next on my list along with the roasted corn. Delish.

Diablo Royale - W 10th St @ W 4th St

Tom Ford: The Sexiest Man Alive

I have been obsessing over Tom Ford for the past 10 years or so (by far the longest crush of my life thus far), so I was absolutely loving his interview in NY Magazine. This man oozes sexiness, and not in a gross way, but in a way that makes you want to wear heels, paint your nails a sinful shade of red, and be fabulously classy. I love him (yes, I am well aware he is gay, but I can dream can't I?).

Tom Ford After Sex in NY Mag

A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby

I happened to pick up Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down while in Texas as a Borders 3 for the price of 2 special. I really had no previous expectations, but I did know that the author wrote the novel that spawned the movie About a Boy with Hugh. The movie was generally amusing, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Here's the story in a nutshell: 4 depressed Londoners wind up on the roof of a building on New Year's Eve with the intention of committing suicide. They consist of Martin, a middle aged TV personality who has just gotten out of prison for sleeping with a 15 year old (not knowing her age) and is a laughing stock in the tabloids, Maureen, a woman who has spent the past 20 years caring for her incoherent and disabled son, Jess, a politician's daughter craving attention whose sister has recently disappeared, and JJ, an American in London who has just broken up with his band and lost his girl. The story takes twists and turns through the character's insecurities, annoyances, and misgivings. The quartet ultimately comes down from the roof, tries to figure out what is left in their lives to hold on to, and commits to take each day at time (all the while with that great dry British sense of humor). The story is told in the first person through each character's perspective which makes it a much more interesting read. However, I did find it annoying the author had the American, JJ, saying words like fortnight, wanker, etc....things that an American would never say in everyday conversation.

Overall, an entertainingly dark (considering how the four met) comedic novel with lots of wit and an overall message that no matter how bad you think things have gotten, wait three months to reevaluate your situation before you do anything irreversible.

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby - Must Subscribe

If you have been living under a rock, just escaped from a desert island by making a raft out of bamboo shoots, or been held hostage by columbian drug lords, maybe you are a little out of the fashion loop.

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The Corey Gallery

First of all, let me say that it is wonderful to see a friend find something that makes him so fulfilled. Corey Rosenberg recently opened The Corey Gallery with absolutley wonderful art by one of his instructors at the School of Visual Arts, Adrienne Leban. I have to add that he was absolutely glowing. Being an Art History minor and all, I am fascinated by the art world (I love to be the armchair art critic like guys love to be the armchair quarterback or others a backseat driver) so I was extremely excited to go to the opening of the gallery. The Corey Gallery is completely approachable and not stuffy by any means. The art is great and accessible on many levels: modern yet organic, monochromatic but alive, and not esoteric to the point of making the viewer endlessly dig for a deeper meaning. Adrienne Leban is extremely talented and creates the type of work that sticks in the back of your head and you think about all the time. Definitley check out The Corey Gallery's site. This is a must see..

The Corey Gallery

Anna Wintour - That was a close call

Oh no he diiiiiiiiiiiiiiint! Some nut has confessed to wanting to kill Anna Wintour. Sure, PETA doesn't mind, but the fashion world would be in shambles. Who would tell us what to wear? Who would orchestrate the shuffle of fashion designers between houses? And most importantly, who would take over as the puppet master of the fashion industry? I personally would wear fur for an entire week while mourning, watch The Devil Wears Prada endlessly, and eat nothing but steak. Viva Anna!

Check out the article in the NY Daily News

I Heart Steven Meisel

This is a very fun find from the 80's. I can't!

Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter...or was it

My friend Stu sent me an email about this, and it was way too good not to post. Only in NY kids, only in NY.

KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A TRUE STORY. ALL OF IT. So this morning was a little different to say the least. I'm sleeping down at Emi's place on Fordham Road in the Bronx when I'm blown awake at 4am by the sound of my car alarm. In what seemed like one full motion, I jump out of bed, over Emily, and run out to the balcony that overlooks Southern Boulevard. I see my BMW, lights flashing, car alarm sounding off and nobody around. I quickly glance around for a suspect on the empty street and just as I'm about to head back in and slowly make my way down to check things out...I see a dark hooded figure emerge from the shadows behind the van next to my car and take off on a bicycle! I'm PISSED. I don't even need to think...I grab my keys, throw on a pair of shorts and fly down the stairs, blowing through the front door. I run across the street and jump in my car. I unlock the Club on my steering wheel annnd that's when I see that the passenger window is smashed to pieces all over my car. OH NOOO he DIDN'T. I turn the car on, pull a U'ey and head east-bound at about 60mph on Southern Bld. I see the jerk on his bicycle trying to get away and think to myself "I can't chase him on foot cause even if I catch him, he might have a weapon...sooo I'm gonna run him down and hit him with my car, THEN get out and hold him till the cops come." Welll the cops came alright! I hit a red light on my pursuit of the villain and decided to run it in order to better my chances of a solid catch...apparently at that exact moment I didn't see the squad car come ripping around the corner about a block away and catch up to me, trying to pull me over...I pulled over and flagged him down yelled to him that the guy on the bike was getting away and he just broke into my car. The officer bought the story and called for backup...within seconds 3 cars came around the corner and and officer tackled the guy and put him against the car, emptying his pockets...annnd there were my sunglasses! Yeah, HE went to jail. Now I have to go press charges today instead of going to jail for attempted vehicular manslaughter...I suppose I'll cope ;) Emily slept through the whole thing. As for my Beamer...she has 1 broken window and he tried to tear out the center console to get my DVD player he found covered up my my sweatshirt (guess that didn't work). he office told me he had pulled me over for speeding, running a red light, and driving with my headlights off...guess I was too amped to remember that minor night-time driving safety detail :/

Costume Institute Gala

The Met's Costume Institute Gala is the benefit to end all benefits. No really, it is officially the last benefit of the season. No D-listers on this guest list. Everyone is couture'd to death, dripping in diamonds, and absolutely fabulous.

Check it out on

So What Do You Do On the Weekends?

I get asked this questions countless times by family, friends not living in NYC, etc. Well dear readers, here is the low-down of a typical NYC Sunday. Watch out for thrills and chills!!
  • 9am - Wake up (tameish Saturday night leads to an incredibly productive day). Store those winter is time to bring out the summer wardrobe.
  • 10:30 - Errands: Container store, BBB, Verizon, H&M before the crowds.
  • 12 - Subway ride to 86th and Lex to meet Jessica to power walk like soccer moms.
  • 12:30 - Walk the entire 6 mile loop in Central Park (much needed gossip, dish, and bitching session while surrounded by nature).
  • 3 - Head down to Soho to meet Todd to watch him shop and tool around (legs killing me from earlier)
  • 5 - Dinner at Cubano Cafe - Super yummy and cheap eats on Thompson Street.
  • 6:30 - Todd and I decide to head to the East Village to get shady Asian lady massages
  • 8 - Finally at home...feels so good to sit down.
  • 8:30 - Talk to the parents, Todd, check email, etc.
  • 9:30 - Plant myself in front of the TV...30 min before The Tudors comes on.
  • 11:15 - Bed time. Much needed.

Celeb Sighting - Laura Bennett of Project Runway

I must say Laura Bennett was one of my all-time favorite Project Runway contestants. So, I was absolutely glowing after spotting her on Saturday. If you have been on Broadway in Soho on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, you know what a complete zoo it is, but that red hair stood out like no one else's. She was crossing the street with her husband (who looks kinda like Albert Einstein) with new baby in tow. Laura looked fabulous as always, chic and elegant even while moving with the masses. My favorite saying from her is, "When you have 5 kids, you have to dress up everyday or it is a slippery slope to wearing sweat pants." Honey, you don't need 5 kids to live by that mantra.

John Derian Boutique

John Derian is one of the coolest stores I have come across. Like ScapeNY, I would describe it as a cabinet of curiosities containing everything from books, antique bug collections, decoupage plates, paperweights, and just about anything you really want but don't in any way need. Settled on E. 2nd Street next to the Bowery Hotel, you feel as if you have walked into a different time and place when you enter the store. A slight musty smell doesn't make you think grandma's attic, but of a place which houses truly unique finds. My favorite are the small initial letter plates in the front window, which are a perfect gift. Definitely check this place out and prepare to transport yourself off of the busy streets of NYC and into a world that is a little slower, quieter, and extremely unique.

John Derian Boutique - 6 E. 2nd Street btwn 2nd Ave and Bowery


Dior Show mascara has been dethroned! My longtime makeup staple has now been replaced by Benefit Bad Gal Lash. More volume, less clump, and great layering quality. This is THE mascara. You will not be disappointed. Get thee to Sephora immediately!

Trapped in the Elevator!

Last night I was yapping with my dad on the phone and heading to grab ice cream with my friend James (our never ending quest to make Mondays less gloomy). I live on the 5th floor of my building, and I have to admit that while the elevator has been fairly consistent it has had its burbles now and then. To make things more complicated, the freight elevator I normally use (closer to my door) was being painted so it was out of commission. So, I step into the elevator, press the first floor button, and begin my descent. 5-4-3-2-GUH GUH. I quickly got off the phone with my dad, took a deep breath, and did what any rational human would do: I pressed all the buttons (none of which lit up) and jumped around a bit (maybe there was a jam or the doors would open or something). When these futile attempts didn't work I called 911 and gave them the story. FDNY on their way. I also used the emergency phone in the elevator with minimal response on the other sense of urgency whatsoever.

So, over the next 60 minutes I had to entertain myself with text messages, reading a brochure from my visit to The Cloisters this past weekend, and luckily I had my digital camera. I am intrinsically a very calm person, so I didn't freak out or begin to contemplate life or anything; Just chilled out best I could and let the professional saviors do their thing. Finally, at minute 59 the doors were pried open by the hottest bunch of fire fighters I have ever seen. Men in uniform were never really my thing...I am much more into guys wearing suits or really nice jeans....but these dudes were hot. First thing they said when they saw me in the vator was, "Aw man, she's cute." Then when I proceeded to hoist myself out of the 2.5' space (like getting out of a swimming pool) at the top of the elevator they go, "and she's athletic too!". Needless to say, the elevator got stuck between floor 1 and 2, outside my apartment were 1 fire engine, 1 ambulance, and 1 police car all with lights flashing, and a hallway full of hot, young firemen...I think they send the rookies to rescue damsels in distress. I would say I had a pretty eventful Monday evening. After I thanked my guys I went down the street to meet my friend and ate almost a pint of Hagen Daaz. I deserved it! I have said it before, and I will say it again....I just can't make this stuff up.
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