I Love NY Mag's Reasons to Love New York

I just love how I always end up reading New York Magazine's "Reasons to Love New York" issue while I am in Texas for the Holidays. Reading this every year (or the past three Holidays I have been a resident of NYC) makes me pine for the smelly streets, the crowded sidewalks, and the guy with the gangrenous foot at the downtown 76th street 6 train stop (I swear that thing is a fake foot to get money...it has looked the same for the past year and a half, no lie). Besides the great little snippets on why real writers love NY, my favs are the ones submitted online by readers. Below are the standouts of 2008, mainly because I could have written them about myself.

No. 2- "Because it loves me! I was born and raised in Texas and moved to New York City when I was 25--twelve years ago. In Texas, I was thought to be difficult, hardheaded, controlling, opinionated, bitchy, etc. when I moved here, all of a sudden I was considered sweet, polite, kind, intelligent, etc. I know I didn't change--I was just free from the South's idea of how a woman should behave." by Angela Landon

No. 33- "Because every time you visit another U.S. city, you instantly realize how attractive and sophisticated you really are. It is so easy to get laid as a New Yorker out of town. Easier than Brooklyn, even." by Brawndo

No. 54- "Because when people find out I am single, they don't look at me in a way that is the perfect combination of horror and pity." by Carla Stockton

Finally, I have to give props to my all time favorite from 2007...that we have single-handedly turned Starbucks into our own network of public restrooms.

For all the other amazing reasons to love NYC click here.

Posh Spice New Hair Revealed

Screw the Fug Girls....Victoria Beckham in on point as ever! Pic snagged from Perez. I would never use a phrase like "Hawt'....It should be "Haute" you fat doof.

Posh Spice New Do...saga continues

I can't find any pics online yet, but this does not sound promising. HEY, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

NY Mag Fug Girls
Inside Marc Jacobs: Posh Spice Hair Emergency!
9/8/08 at 9:13 PM
Comment 00Comment 00Comments

Our correspondents have just arrived! They report: "We just got here; the runway has a line of zigzagging mirrors down the center. It looks like the finale of A Chorus Line. And I don't know if I'm seeing things, very bad things, but Victoria Beckham just walked in and it would seem that she's cut off all her hair. It's horrendous! Like little tufts all over head. Jennifer Lopez just got here too (wearing a white dress). Posh kind of sneaked in behind her and hardly anyone noticed. Given the hair, probably for the best."

By: Jessica Coen

Victoria Beckham the new Mia Farrow?

Here is a juicy bit of news! We are in the thick of New York Fashion Week. Everyone has been scouring the papers and the web to get their fill of fashion, celebrities behaving badly, and model drama. You may have noticed that one of my favorite fashionistas, Posh Spice, has been completely absent from the festivities thus far.

A little birdie told me she went to Garren Salon straight from the PJ (private jet for those of you out of the upper echelon acronym loop) to get rid of that tired bob which I hear was full of extensions...hence adding to the lollipop head. She is now sporting a Mia Farrow via Rosemary's Baby style cropped pixie cut. Vicky B has been holed up in her hotel room since Friday night (good God think of that room service bill!....oh wait, she doesn't eat---think of that mini bar bill!)

This is sure to cause quite a stir and get those tongues wagging when she makes her grand entrance at the Marc Jacobs show and party Monday night. I can't wait!!

Dump your old electronics at Union Square tomorrow!

Do you have a printer that just wont print...a phone that just wont phone....or speakers that just wont speak...a computer that takes you back to your elementary Oregon Trail days?

Take them all to Union Square Sunday, Jan 6th from 10am to 4pm to recycle these little jewels of hazardous waste. Clutter in your home means clutter in your life. Make 2008 clutter free. The principles of Feng Shui say that dead things in your home lead to bad energy, so git rid of the stuff that doesn't work and help out the environment a little too.

Event sponsored by the Lower East Side Ecology Center. For more info click here.

Todd Joyce on home page of Break.com

Watch Todd get the crap scared out of him by The King on Break.com....it is even more funny if you know him and have experienced his girlish screams first hand. I love it!

The King Strikes at Break!!! - Watch more free videos
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