You Know You're Thin When #1

You know you're ridiculously thin when.....the ankle strap of your stilettos look like bangle bracelets on anorexic wrists. Watch out for flying shoes and twisted ankles!

Gorgeous Blamain Spring '09 number, though. Bravo!

2009 Met Costume Institute Gala--The Worst of the Worst

I hate to be a nasty shrew (oh wait, no i don't), but Louis Vuitton dressed the worst of the worst at last night's Met Costume Institute Gala. The scary thing is that no one leaves the house thinking they look awful, so I also have to fault these mal-dressed mix-ups and their handlers who played a game of "The Emperor's New Clothes". I would advise these ladies to never be nasty to their assistant, PR rep, or stylist ever again....this is what awaits you--the fast track to the worst dressed list. Thankfully for their careers, normal humans aren't scouring the slideshow on (all 146 pictures of it). Just another instance of the runway to reality disparity....even if you are on a red carpet.

Check out all the pics here.

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