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Last Tuesday I attended the Toast for the Children event benefiting the Children of Bellevue. It was a fabulous affair at the Mandarin which featured a food and wine tasting from NYC's top restaurants while benefiting a great cause. Needless to say I completely stuffed my face and drank more than just a tasting of wine. So, you can imagine my surprise when I received a text on Sunday morning telling me to check out the New York Times Style section. In all it's glory on page 12....there it was Barbara, Todd, and Sara: the lone representation of the benefit. I am not going to lie, I was glowing all day. It is not everyday that you get in the paper (I think the last time consisted of high school track and field standings where my last name was misspelled). Just add it to the list of incredible things that have happened to me in the past year.

Fashion Disaster Fridays....

Oh, I cant! Where do I start...with the velour pink leggings, the white plastic boots, or the gold lining of the hood? Take your pick dear readers.

Cafe Cluny

Just in time for the weekend: Cafe Cluny is my new favorite brunch spot. Nestled on tree lined W 4th in the West Village this is not the boozy brunch spot or the quick stop-in cafe. Cafe Cluny is incredibly relaxing, quaint, and has wonderful food. I read about this spot in Vogue (obviously a plus) where a buyer at Barneys claimed it her favorite brunch spot. That is a good endorsement, so I figured I had to check it out. I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was great that we didn't have to wait for a table as the other restaurants on that block, and the service was an 7 out of 10. I had eggs benedict with fries (which were delish) and my friend had the oatmeal with fruit which looked awesome. I was obviously splurging a bit, and he on the other hand is no fun when it comes to food. So...there are options for both ends of the nutritional spectrum. Great people watching, great location, great food. I will definitely be going back this weekend.

Cafe Cluny - W 4th @ W 12th

Socialite Rank - RIP

I am traumatized...I feel like my best friend, boy friend, and dog have all died in the same day. This is the final day of my beloved NYC scene site, Socialite Rank. As I excitedly sat down at my laptop this morning to begin my ritual of email checking, blog reading, etc....wiggling my fingers with fanciful anticipation of today's post i could not contain myself.... w-w-w.s-o-c-i-a-l-i-t-e-r-a-n-k.c-o-m. The headline read: The Year of the Rank----Oh goodie! Updated ranking! THEN CRUSHED. Socialite Rank no more. The story goes that SR was created to last only 1 year and would end in 365 days regardless of popularity, loathing, or complacence. Well, the site took off and now we are all left wondering where we will read about the Frick Ball Bathroom Bandits, lame socialite antics, and how we will fill the void of living vicariously through these beauties while we slave at our computers in the unflattering fluorescent light of an office. I must give them credit though...get out while you are on top instead of winnowing away into oblivion.

Bon voyage Socialite Rank....it has been an awesome ride!

So This is Where Everyone Went

This past weekend was the first official warm weekend of 2007 and everyone and their mother went Central Park. The Sheep's Meadow was the place to be on Sunday: freaks, geeks, sportos, guys with no shirts (who should and shouldn't have had shirts on) chicks in swimsuits...you name it, they were there (there was even a guy doing yoga headstands). Love it!

Spring In NYC


I Love Austin

I was in Austin, Texas last weekend (my second favorite city in the world) so I though I would run down a top 10 things I love about Austin....

1- Weather - OMG it was sunny, in the 70s, and the trees were leafy and green. On the flip side, NYC was in the 40s, rainy, and there are no leaves on any trees.

2- Mexican Food - Chips-n-salsa is the breadbasket of Texas, everything is covered in cheese, and I can't put into words my love of good margaritas.

3- Moon Towers - Recall the movie Dazed and Confused, and yes, the moon towers do really exist (and I did try to climb one after having a little to much to drink one night in college). As Matthew McConaughey (UT alum) would say, "I love those high school girls...I keep getting older and they stay the same age."

4- University of Texas (obvi) - One of the most gorgeous campuses in the country. It even has a new enormous outdoor swimming pool....great procrastination device. Love it!

5- South Congress - 7 years ago it was dingy antique shops and Lucy in Disguise....now it is the hot spot of Austin with trendy boutiques, tons of live music, Hotel San Jose, and oh so much more. Yes, the Austin Motel sign does resemble a part of the male anatomy.

6- Barton Springs - I couldn't make it there last weekend, but I love this place. Lay on the grass until you are so hot you can't stand it then go take a plunge in the 62 degree spring fed pool. Exhilarating.

7- Trudys - Mexican martinis are amazing.....attempt the Trudy's Trifecta if you dare (2 Mexican martinis at each of the 3 Trudy's locations), but please have a DD.

8- By George - Awesome boutique that now has three locations in Austin. Put Austin on the map as shopping goes.

9- Congress Ave. Bridge Bats - Twice a year the bats come to Texas as the migrate for the seasons. They always stay under the Congress Ave. bridge and come out in what has been described as a giant black cloud at dusk. I have never seen them in person, but I have tried like a million times. Damn you bats!

10- You can wear flip flops anywhere and feel adequately dressed. A pedi is mandatory in this city.

The Place

The Place is an intimate West Village restaurant and bar with a warm Moroccan vibe. It was the perfect cure for a chilly spring Friday night with their upscale American fare. I walk past this place frequently (always looks intriguing), and after checking out the other places on the W 4th restaurant row, we decided to stick out the 45 minute wait and give it a try. The waitstaff was adequate, but the food is what really shined. I had the hanger steak with whipped potatoes and asparagus which was absolutely divine and stick to your ribs good without being overwhelming. The patrons were predominantly Euros which always leads for great people watching. I do say that the Europeans flock to good food and drink, and we were not disappointed. Definitely check it out if you are looking for great food, lighting that would make the most haggard look flawless, or a hidden little spot to call your own.

The Place : W 4th btwn Bank and 12th

Sighting: Chelsea Clinton - Grace Church

Celebrity sighting of the week: Chelsea Clinton at Grace Church for Palm Sunday services.

I was sitting in the pew zoning out and relaxing when I noticed that the group in front of me was getting quite a few stares. They had come in about 5 minutes after the service had started and were meeting a friend. I had no idea who it actually was until it was time to "Share the Peace" and shake hands with all your neighboring worshipers. When she turned around she instantly looked familiar, but not in a gorgeous movie star way, but in a completely normal you may have met her at a party way. I remember seeing a picture of Chelsea and boyfriend/fiance a week or so before in US Weekly, and that is really the only reason I made the connection. I did notice however, that there was a hole in the sleeve of her shirt, and her bf kept touching her back throughout the entire service. Sorry, I had to make a catty stab where I could, but this is church. I was wondering the whole time though what she was praying about.....maybe Clinton for President in '08? Hmmmmmm.

Intermix Lust List

We are all extremely busy people, and I know very few who have time to keep up with Vogue, W, US Weekly, etc. to stay on top of the latest in fashion (is it skinny jeans, wide legs, or leggings that are in this week?). I also become incredibly annoyed by the 'daily' aspect of Daily Candy. Intermix has a perfect solution: The weekly Lust List. Intermix's top 10 picks all contained in one place. Use this as your weekly look book. Half the stuff I swear I have seen duplicates of at H&M. Now there is no reason to look unfortunate in last season's duds (or at least you can't blame lack of info now).

Join the Lust List
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